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17-6034 Passing Storm17-0758 Teton Pink16-4924 Passing Storm16-4068 Lamar River Serengeti16-3755 Teton View16-3836 Snake River Sunset16-3743 Sunrise Loupe Lagoon16-3691 Morman Morning16-3763 Window with a View15- 1531 Teton Reflection13-1311 Molton Barn12-3058 Building Storm over Devils Canyon12-3998 Winter Sunset12-4000 Sunset at Snake River Overlook12-4024 Dawn Comes to Mount Moran12-4043 Fly By over the Snake River7-0023 - Oxbow Bend Sunrise7-0079 - Teton Pond7-1076 - Trumpeter Swans4-1081 - Thermal Yellowstone

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