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9-1002 Autum at Jordan Pond9-1003 Bubble at Jordan Pond9-1004 Granite Bubble at Jordan Pond9-1007 Reflection at Jordan Pond9-1015 Stream at Jordan Pond9-1021 Acadia Bridge9-1029 Monument Cove9-1037 Morning Mist Monument Cove9-1043 Morning Light Monument Cove9-8604 Bass Harbor Shoreline9-8618 Costal Storm Clouds9-8642 Shores of Jordan Pond9-8646 Jordan Pond Gatehouse9-8647 Window to the Past9-8649 Leaves and Stones9-8653 Bridge at Bubble Pond9-8656 Through the Pines9-8657 Amphitheater Bridge 19319-8660 Autumn in Acadia9-8661 Acadia New Growth

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