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6-4301 - Road to Redwoods6-4504 - Shark Fin Rock6-4500 - Bandon Sunset6-4502 - Bandon Sunset Sea Stacks6-4501 - Bandon Sunset Mist6-4554 - Storm Clouds over Lone Pine Rock6-4423 - Bandon Beach Sea Stacks6-4453 - Bandon Beach Fire & Mist10-0140 Bridge Over Creek10-0180 Forest Path10-0268 Bandon Reflections10-0275 Path To Stacks10-0290 Against the Surf10-6125 Reflections of the Past12-90292 Daybreak at Haystack Rock12-94682 Fog Among the Cedars15- 1574 Mt. Hood Reflection15- 1902 Surf at Thors Well15- 8366 Golden Sunset15-1677 Storm at Haystack

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